May 26, 2018

Toolbar widget for Perl/Tk

TkToolbar implements a dockable toolbar. It is in the same spirit as the “short-cut” toolbars found in most major applications, such as most web browsers and text editors where you find the “back” or “save” and other shortcut buttons.

Buttons of any type regular, menu, check, radio can be created inside this widget. You can also create Label, Entry and LabEntry widgets. Moreover, the ToolBar itself can be made dockable, such that it can be dragged to any edge of your window. Dragging is done in “real-time” so that you can see the contents of your ToolBar as you are dragging it. Furthermore, if you are close to a stickable edge, a visual indicator will show up along that edge to guide you. ToolBars can be made “floatable” such that if they are dragged beyond their associated window, they will detach and float on the desktop. Also, multiple ToolBars are embeddable inside each other.

Various icons are built into the TkToolBar widget. Those icons can be used as images for ToolButtons see “SYNOPSIS”. A demo program is bundled with the module that should be available under the ‘User Contributed Demonstrations’ when you run the widget program. Run it to see a list of the available images.

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