May 26, 2018

ICCCM-compliant window manager based on 9wm

Aewm is a modern, minimal window manager for X11. It is controlled entirely with the mouse, but contains no visible UI apart from window frames. It builds complex operations by chaining together primitives aewm does not try to do everything; there are plenty of better clients for defining hotkeys, menus, setting your background image, etc.

Aewm makes it easy for you to keep the edges of the root window unobscured, so that you have essentially infinite space to click without having to aim this principle is based on Fitts’s Law. There is intentionally no panel or dock to get in the way.

Aewm does not make decisions about where your windows should go. It can be used as an ordinary overlapping window manager, but is powerful enough to let you “tile” windows ad hoc if you prefer; maximizing space usage and removing overlaps are basic commands. You can also optionally take control of window mapping and change where windows will appear including stacking and tiling before they are actually shown.

This port installs not only the window manager, but also the aemenu and aepanel applets. These provide a list of windows by title vertically for aemenu, horizontally for aepanel and a menu from which programs may be run.

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