May 26, 2018


PWM is a rather lightweight window manager for X11. It has the unique feature that multiple client windows can be attached to the same frame. This feature helps keeping windows, especially the numerous xterms, organized.

Being a lightweight window manager with emphasis on usability, PWM does not have all the features that one might expect from a window manager. Those features are simply unnecessary. PWM does not provide pixmapped themes or other bloated eye candies but has a clean and simple look inspired by BeOS and Motif. There are no icons and frames cannot be iconified, only “shaded”. Only One True pointer focus mode is supported sloppy. PWM does not even have titlebar buttons and may not be the easiest window manager to get into, most Good Things are not.

PWM does have workspaces, menus and Window Maker dockapp support. It has pretty good keyboard support and almost all the functionality is configurable.

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