May 26, 2018

Window manager that arranges windows in a tree

treewm is a window manager that tries to implement a new concept. In addition to the client windows the user can create desktops which can themselves contain windows and desktops. By arranging the windows in such a tree the user is able to manage his tasks efficiently treewm is feature-rich, flexible and provides a powerful concept. However, treewm’s look is is rather puristic, and its feel is not always intuitive, but with a bit of practise it should be very effective to use.

Short feature list some of them are quite unique among window managers

  • Allows to create desktops and to arbitrarily move windows between desktops
  • Many options such as sticky, autoresize, always on top, or the focus or raise policy can be set for any desktop or window
  • Can be fully customized using the configuration file
  • Has a very powerful somewhat vi-like command mode, and can be controlled from shell scripts via a FIFO
  • Icons can be placed on desktops that can execute arbitrary commands
  • Only uses very common libraries, in particular it doesn’t require GTK, Qt, or anything like that

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