May 26, 2018

Wallpaper manipulation utility for X11

hsetroot is a tool which allows you to compose wallpapers “root pixmaps” for X11. It has a lot of options like rendering gradients, solids, images but it also allows you to perform manipulations on those things, or chain them together. You could use one standard background image for instance, and using tint to make it fit your current theme. And yes, of course it is compatible with semi-translucent applications like aterm and xchat.

At this time, hsetroot can render gradients multi-color with variable distance, solids rectangles and images centered, tiled, fullscreen, or maximum aspect. It supports the following manipulations tinting overlaying a color mask, blurring, sharpening, flipping horizontally, diagonally, vertically it also allows you to adjust brightness, contrast and gamma-level. hsetroot also supports alpha-channels when rendering things.

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