May 26, 2018

Broadcast keystrokes to multiple X windows for Gnome2

The purpose of keyboardcast is to allow you to send keystrokes to multiple X windows at once. This allows you, for example, to control a number of terminals connected to different but similar hosts for purposes of mass- administration.

You can also select non-terminals. If you come up with a reasonable use for this ability I’d be interested in hearing about it.

The program can select windows to send to either by matching their titles using a substring or by clicking on them in a method similar to GIMP’s screenshot feature.

The program also features the ability to spawn off multiple instances of gnome-terminal executing a single command on multiple arguments for example executing ‘ssh’ on several hosts. The gnome-terminals are invoked with the profile ‘keyboardcast’ if it exists so, for example, your font size can be smaller.

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