May 26, 2018

Cross-platform modular live environment

LeechCraft is a free open source cross-platform modular live environment. It has modules for everything

  • Full-featured web-browser with support for all major web-standards.
  • Advanced multiprotocol modular IM client currently supporting XMPP Jabber, IRC, WLM/MSN, MRIM and quite a few other protocols and with a bunch of features from metacontacts and Off-The-Record support to audio calls.
  • Collection-oriented media player with a lot of features from gapless playback and transcoding for removable devices to social features like recommended artists and nearby events.
  • Efficient and fast BitTorrent client with full support for the BitTorrent protocol and all its widespread extensions and magnet links.
  • Modular document viewer supporting PDF, DjVu, PostScript, MOBI and other formats.
  • RSS feed reader supporting common feed formats with extensions like MediaRSS or GeoRSS as well as with extensive support for Broadcatching and podcasts and their automatic retrieval.
  • User-space package manager with its own repository of plugins, themes, icons and much more.
  • A bunch of Desktop Environment-enabling modules from window manager controller to power manager, taskbar, tray and a customizable panel.
  • The “Summary” tab that displays all your downloads, updates and statuses.

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