May 26, 2018

Graphical user interface driven by pipes or fifos

Pipeglade is a helper program that displays graphical user interfaces for other programs. It renders the GUI definition found in a GtkBuilder file created using the Glade Interface Designer, and communicates with the main program solely via pipes or fifos.

To have its GUI rendered by pipeglade, a program must be able to

  • send plain text commands to standard output or a named pipe and/or
  • receive and parse simple plain text messages from standard input or a named pipe.

Simple one-shot dialogs as well as more complex, long-running programs can be built.

Pipeglade provides access to a subset of the features available in GTK+ 3. Widgets able to communicate via pipeglade include text labels and images, statusbars and progress indicators, various kinds of buttons, spinbuttons and scales/sliders, comboboxes and menus, various text and tabular inputs, various standard dialog windows, calendars, drawing areas.

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