May 26, 2018

X11 Image Loading Utility

This utility will view several types of images under X11, or load images onto the root window. The current version supports

Native Image File Format NIFF, Sun Rasterfile, GIF Image, JFIF-style JPEG Image, Portabel Network Graphics PNG, TIFF image, FBM Image, CMU WM Raster, Portable Bit Map PBM, PGM, PPM, Faces Project, Utah RLE Image, X Window Dump, Sun Visualization File Format, McIDAS areafile, VICAR Image, PC Paintbrush Image, GEM Bit Image, MacPaint Image, X Pixmap, X Bitmap.

A variety of options are available to modify images prior to viewing. These options include clipping, dithering, depth reduction, zoom, brightening or darkening, and image merging.