Jul 20, 2023

Several forward error correction (FEC) decoders

This library package provides several forward error correction FEC decoders and accelerated primitives useful in digital signal processing DSP. Except for the Reed-Solomon codecs, these functions take full advantage of the MMX, SSE and SSE2 SIMD instruction sets on Intel/AMD IA-32 processors and the Altivec/VMX/Velocity Engine SIMD instruction set on the G4 and G5 PowerPC. The library includes Viterbi decoders for the following convolutional codes rate 1/2 k=7 rate 1/2 k=9 rate 1/6 k=15 “Cassini” plus two Reed-Solomon encoder-decoders one optimized for the 255,223 CCSDS standard code a general purpose encoder/decoder for arbitrary RS codes and three low-level 16-bit DSP support routines signed dot product peak detection sum-of-squares energy computation This library is licensed under the “lesser” GNU General Public License.

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