Jul 20, 2023

Distributed, transactional key-value store

A massively distributed, transactional key-value store, extensible by design, with unparalleled reliability and performance.

FoundationDB is multi-model, meaning you can store many types of data in a single database. All data is safely stored, distributed, and replicated in the Key-Value Store component. It is easy to install, grow, and manage, with a distributed architecture that gracefully scales out, and handles faults while acting like a single ACID database. FoundationDB provides amazing performance on commodity hardware, allowing you to support very heavy loads at low cost. It has been running in production for years and been hardened with lessons learned in some of the world’s largest database deployments. Backing FoundationDB up is an unmatched testing system based on a deterministic simulation engine that ensures optimal reliability of operations.

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