Jul 20, 2023

French verb conjugator/deconjugator

Verbiste is a conjugation system, with comprehensive French verb tables, and some capabilities for extra languages. It provides a library, a CLI and a GUI interface.

We’ve all heard of the saying “Lost in Translation”. If you’ve ever tried to learn a second language, you may have experienced that very struggle. It’s hard to grasp not just the basic vocabulary but the verbs, idioms and jargon that make a language come alive. French, in particular, can be challenging because it is full of irregular verbs that are hard to memorize. FreeBSD software, however, comes with a solution – enter the port, “Verbiste”.

About Verbiste

“Verbiste” is a French conjugation system. It is essentially an intricate database of French verbs, including over 7000 of them. Designed to work with GNOME, Verbiste aims to tackle the most complex part of the French language - its verbs. This French verb conjugation tool has a command-line interface and a GTK+ interface that can be used independently from GNOME. This simple-to-use tool can be an essential companion for anyone trying to escalate their level in French linguistics, whether they are a casual learner or a professional translator.

Installing Verbiste

The installation of Verbiste is a simple and unassuming task that follows FreeBSD’s easy-to-follow port structure. You can install Verbiste using the FreeBSD port system, which can be found here http// The chances are that you already have the Ports Collection installed, but if you have recently installed FreeBSD and have not yet obtained the Ports Collection, you can install it with the following command

 portsnap fetch extract

Now navigate to the port’s directory

 cd /usr/ports/french/verbiste/

Here, you’ll want to use the following command to install Verbiste

 make install clean

After doing this, Verbiste should be completely installed and ready to go.

Using Verbiste

Verbiste has a GTK+ interface which allows it to work independently of GNU. The command-line interface often proves handy when users need to quickly find a conjugation.

To use Verbiste directly from the command line, simply use the “verbiste” command followed by the verb you wish to conjugate. For example, if you wanted to look up “danser”, you would enter

 verbiste danser

You’ll receive a complete list of all the possible tenses and forms for the verb “danser”.

Benefits of Verbiste

Verbiste offers numerous benefits. The most obvious one is that it provides a comprehensive conjugation system for the often bewildering array of French verbs. Additionally, it is open source, hence it can be effectively customized to the user’s preferences.

Designed to be easy to use, Verbiste provides a straightforward and intuitive interface. For educators and learners of French, this tool can prove to be invaluable with its immediate access to thousands of conjugated French verbs at their fingertips.


Whether it is learning French for the first time or mastering the language, Verbiste aids users in grasping this beautiful language’s intricacies smoothly. Its simplicity makes it a valuable tool to have in your FreeBSD toolbox. While learning a new language, it’s also essential to ensure that your computer’s security isn’t compromised. For this, you can utilize the port [nmap]https//, a security scanner utility, to identify potential vulnerabilities. The journey of learning a new language is always rich and fascinating. With Verbiste, FreeBSD has made it even more accessible and interesting.

The elegance of FreeBSD lies in its vast port’s library, catering to every user’s different needs, like Verbiste for French language learners, nmap for IT security, giving it the functionality and robustness it is famous for.

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