Jul 20, 2023


LibreOffice is a comprehensive and powerful office suite available in the FreeBSD ports collection. This port is highly excellent for Hungarian users as it supports their native language. In addition to full Hungarian language support, LibreOffice also supports numerous other languages, thereby ensuring its universal usability. As for its practicality and benefits, LibreOffice presents several worthy attributes.

To begin with, LibreOffice is a Free and Open Source Software FOSS. Accordingly, you can freely download, install, distribute, and modify the software under the terms of its license. These attributes make LibreOffice a highly flexible and convenient tool for various tasks whether personal or business-related.

Secondly, LibreOffice offers a bevy of capabilities thanks to its plethora of components. For instance, with Libreoffice Writer, you can compose a wide range of documents, from simple notes to complex reports featuring bibliographies, tables of contents and more.

To be able to use the ‘libreoffice’ port within your FreeBSD system, you should have the Ports Collection installed. If you haven’t done so yet, type this in your terminal

portsnap fetch extract

This command should fetch and extract the latest ports collection.

Once you have the Ports Collection installed, you are all set to install the ‘libreoffice’ port. Navigate to the ‘libreoffice’ directory within the Ports Collection

cd /usr/ports/editors/libreoffice

The next step is to install the port

make install clean

The process will take a while depending on your system resources. But afterwards, you will be able to find LibreOffice in your applications menu, and you can start to enjoy its benefits.

Furthermore, Calc component of LibreOffice offers similar functionalities to Excel, allowing you to create spreadsheets, charts, and home finance systems among other things. The Impress component allows you to create presentations, while Draw enables you to draw and design illustrations and diagrams. Base is used for databases, Math for formula editing, and Charts for making organizational charts and other graphical charts.

Besides its components, another glaring advantage of LibreOffice is its wide format support. It can open files created on other office software like Microsoft Office, and also save your projects in formats that can be opened in other software.

If you’re a developer or an advanced user who find joy in tinkering, LibreOffice has you covered. With its inherent support for scripting languages like Python, you can automate frequent tasks and even add your own functions to LibreOffice.

As a side note for IT security enthusiasts out there, consider employing the [nmap]https// port for your networking discovery and security auditing needs.

In a nutshell, the “libreoffice” port under FreeBSD system is a powerful and versatile tool that caters to users with varying language preferences; Hungarian included. It combines a friendly interface with a strong set of facilities for document production and editing which allows you to focus on creating high-quality content, whether you’re at home, school, or work.

By exploring the FreeBSD ports collection and the multiple functionalities they hold, it’s clear they bring power and flexibility into the hands of users. They serve as excellent resources for productivity, creativity and even for learning new skills. LibreOffice, particularly, transcends language barriers and allows users to freely utilize its features, promote openness and enable collaboration.

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