Jul 20, 2023

CP50220 and CP51932 coding system support for Emacsen

cp5022x.el adds supprot for encodings with platform dependent characters used in Microsoft Windows. It defines CP50220, CP50221, CP50222, and CP51932. Specifications on Emacsen are as follows

CP51932 Microsoft euc-jp Type iso-2022 variant of ISO-2022 Initial designations G0 – asciiASCII ISO646 IRV G1 – japanese-jisx0208JISX0208.1983/1990 Japanese Kanji ISO-IR-87 G2 – katakana-jisx0201Katakana Part of JISX0201.1976 G3 – never used

CP50220 Microsoft iso-2022-jp for mail Type iso-2022 variant of ISO-2022 Initial designations G0 – asciiASCII ISO646 IRV, and also used by the following japanese-jisx0208-1978JISX0208.1978 Japanese Kanji so called “old JIS” ISO-IR-42 japanese-jisx0208JISX0208.1983/1990 Japanese Kanji ISO-IR-87 latin-jisx0201Roman Part of JISX0201.1976 katakana-jisx0201Katakana Part of JISX0201.1976 G1 – never used G2 – never used G3 – never used

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