Jul 20, 2023

ProjectTox-Core library, a decentralized and secure messenger

Tox is a decentralized, secure messenger with audio and video chat capabilities. You can see it as an alternative to Skype.

This is only the core library. To use it, you have to install a client, like e.g. net-im/toxic, net-im/qTox or net-im/uTox.

Tox isn’t complete yet, but we encourage you to contribute to help make us awesome!

Checkout these related ports:
  • Zoom - Zoom videoconferencing client (CAVEAT Sound doesn't yet work)
  • Zkgroup - Library for the Signal Private Group System
  • Zephyr - Enterprise-scale distributed messaging system
  • Yume - Encrypted peer-to-peer IPv6 UDP messaging terminal
  • Yoono - Client for Twitter and other social networks
  • Xmpp-client - XMPP client with OTR support
  • Vqcc-gtk - LAN chat client compatible with quickChat and Vypress Chat (TM)
  • Utox - Lightweight Tox client
  • Twirssi - Twitter script to irssi
  • Tut - TUI for Mastodon
  • Toxins - Collection of small programs using toxcore
  • Toxic - Console client for Tox
  • Toxext - Extension library for tox
  • Toxbot - Groupchat control bot for Tox
  • Tox_extension_messages - Message extension library for tox