Jul 20, 2023

Perl modules for parsing FreeBSD’s Ports INDEX file

FreeBSDPorts and FreeBSDPortsPort are modules for parsing FreeBSD’s Ports INDEX file and selecting ports that match certain criteria.

For example, you might want to list ports maintained by tom@FreeBSD.org sorted alphabetically my $ports = tie my port, ‘FreeBSDPorts’, ‘/usr/ports/INDEX’; $ports->maintainer’tom@FreeBSD.org’; $ports->sort’alpha’; foreach my $p keys port print $p->as_ascii,”\n”;

Checkout these related ports:
  • Wanted-ports - Just depend on a configurable, arbitrary set of other ports
  • Synth - Custom package repository builder for FreeBSD and DragonFly
  • Submodules2tuple - GH_TUPLE generator for GitHub projects with submodules
  • Sccache-overlay - Ports overlay for sccache
  • Reprise - Port testing system
  • Rc-subr-jail - Shell library to help writing RC scripts with jail support
  • Py-skog - Generate visual dependency trees for FreeBSD ports
  • Py-pytoport - Generate FreeBSD ports from Python modules on PyPI
  • Py-freebsd-ports - Parse FreeBSD Ports INDEX, provide search API
  • Psearch - Utility for searching the FreeBSD Ports Collection
  • Poudriere - Port build and test system
  • Poudriere-devel - Port build and test system
  • Portupgrade - FreeBSD ports/packages administration and management tool suite
  • Portupgrade-devel - FreeBSD ports/packages management tool (devel version)
  • Portupdate-scan - Display pertinent parts of {PORTSDIR}/UPDATING