Jul 20, 2023


100 Viet Unicode & Viet Phan/Pali-Sanskrit compatible


Provide a base for displaying Vietnamese on the Internet and documentations.


  • 134 Vietnamese Glyphs per Unicode
  • 38 Pali-Sanskrit Glyphs per Unicode
  • float marks
  • euro & VN currency symbol
  • Buddhist wheels EE80 & EE81

Vietnamese language support on computer systems has come a long way since the days when it was considered exotic or fringe by most operating system distributions. A significant catalyst for this development has been the rise of FreeBSD ports, which offer support for many of the world’s languages.

Introduction to FreeBSD Ports

One especially notable port is named vietunicode web1, which belongs to the Vietnamese category. FreeBSD ports are software applications that have been package-managed by FreeBSD. This allows these applications to interact seamlessly with the FreeBSD operating system.

The Vietunicode web1 Port

The vietunicode web1 port is an integral part of the suite of software that FreeBSD has developed or ported for Vietnamese users. It is a Vietnamese string handling library used in website design. As web development continues to evolve, so does the need for a comprehensive and adaptable suite of tools that can let developers work with a broad range of languages and locales. This is where vietunicode web1 shines.

The Benefits of Vietunicode Web1

vietunicode web1 contributes to the internationalization of web development by enabling developers to include Vietnamese language support in their web applications. This port is often adopted when a developer wants to create a website that can effectively display and manage Vietnamese text.

vietunicode web1 library is designed with a modular approach in mind. Developers can incorporate it in their projects seamlessly, whether they need it for a single page or an entire suite of applications.

How to Use Vietunicode Web1

To begin utilizing vietunicode web1, you need to install it via the ports tree included with your FreeBSD installation.

  • First, navigate to the port’s location in the terminal

    cd /usr/ports/vietnamese/vietunicode web1/
  • Then, compile and install it

    make install clean

After successful installation, the library is ready to be used in your web development projects. Be sure to include it in your project’s dependencies. The library contains specifically designed methods for handling Vietnamese strings - from displaying correct Vietnamese characters to text transformations like lowering and upper casing.

Take Security Seriously

While building out your web applications and incorporating vietunicode web1 for Vietnamese Language support, remember security should always be a top priority. Utilize quality FreeBSD ports for your IT security needs like nmap https// A port scanning tool, nmap enables you to understand the security of your network.


The vietunicode web1 port is undoubtedly a wonderful resource for web developers seeking to cater to the Vietnamese market. The FreeBSD ports ecosystem, in facilitating this range of language functionality, truly fosters a more linguistically inclusive digital world.

As a developer or FreeBSD enthusiast, you should consider embracing this tool and its benefits. Not only does it enhance the range of your web projects’ international capabilities, but also makes it significantly easier to engage with a wider audience.

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