Jul 20, 2023

Ukrainian KOI8 fonts for X11R6 (koi8-u)

This package contains the set of ukrainian fonts for X11 Release 6. Copyright C 1995 Victor Forsyuk

This set is based on so-called “Cronyx” font set, that was copyrighted by Cronyx Ltd. Copyright C 1994-1995 Cronyx Ltd.

Under no circumstances is the author responsible for the proper functioning of this software, nor does the author assume any responsibility for damages incurred with its use.

This port also creates two aliases for each of the fonts – for koi8-r encoding koi8-u is a superset of koi8-r anyway and for cronyx foundry. Some applications gtk? look for -cronyx-*- and/or *-koi8-r explicitly, but there is no reason why this fonts cannot be used in those cases.

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