Jul 20, 2023

MgOpen greek fonts collection

The MgOpen typefaces are freely available and contain glyphs for viewing texts in Greek written in the monotoniko system.

The MgOpen typeface collection is composed of the following typefaces

  • MgOpenCanonica is a serif typeface, based on the design of Times Roman.
  • MgOpenCosmetica is a sans-serif typeface, based on the design of Optima.
  • MgOpenModata is another sans-serif typeface.
  • MgOpenModerna is a sans-serif typeface, based on the design of Helvetica.

Each family contains four fonts, namely all the combinations of regular and bold weight and upright and italic or oblique shape. All the fonts contain glyphs for the latin and greek alphabets using the monotoniko system, while the fonts of the Canonica family also contain all the glyphs necessary for viewing Greek texts written in the polytoniko system. All the fonts use the Unicode encoding for characters and are in the TrueType format.

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