Jul 20, 2023

Script that helps install Postscript fonts in X Window System

This is a little hack I wrote to help in setting up new Type 1 PostScript fonts for use with X. It automatically constructs the fonts.scale file which X uses to identify fonts in can use the current directory. Previously you had to write this file by hand which is unacceptable if you have lots of fonts.

The program can also generate Fontmap entries for Ghostscript which can then be put in the global Fontmap to speed up startup times and it can produce font sample sheets as well.

Please be warned that this is beta quality software and has limitations. I think you will, however, find it useful and the bugs will go away over time if people help me with it.

Reports of success or otherwise welcomed at the address below.

James Macnicol J.Macnicol@student.anu.edu.au

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