Jul 20, 2023

Murrina Aqua GTK+ 2.x cairo based theme

This is a GTK+ 2.x theme. “Murrine” is an Italian word meaning the art glass works done by Venicians glass blowers. They’re absolutely wonderful and colorful.

GTK Murrina Aqua is a graphical toolkit design software with a system of libraries, which facilitate the development and usage of GUIs Graphical User Interfaces found in the FreeBSD Ports Collection. With Murrina Aqua, FreeBSD’s incredibly vast and extensive customization options are further broadened, enhancing the overall user interface and appearance, providing a sense of aesthetic appeal and ease.

Murrina Aqua is part of the larger GTK+ project The GIMP Toolkit, an open-source project dedicated to providing UI construction tools and libraries. Under the category of x11-themes, Murrina Aqua showcases an array of beautiful X11 themes to embellish and customize the appearance of your FreeBSD graphical interface.

Installing gtk murrina aqua

Assuming that you’re already familiar with FreeBSD and understand the basics of how ports work, installing the gtk murrina aqua can be carried out by following the steps below

  1. To download and install gtk murrina aqua, open your terminal and run
    cd /usr/ports/x11-themes/gtk-murrina-aqua/
    make install clean

    The above command navigates to the gtk murrina aqua directory and makes the installation.

  2. Another method to install the gtk murrina aqua is by running the pkg command as shown
    pkg install x11-themes/gtk-murrina-aqua

    This will utilize the FreeBSD’s binary package manager to install the gtk murrina aqua.

How to use gtk murrina aqua

Once the installation is complete, you can apply Murrina Aqua theme using any GTK+ theme switcher for your environment. For Gnome, use


For Xfce, use


After running either of these commands, you should now see the Murrina Aqua theme in your list of available GTK themes.

Benefits of Using the GTK Murrina Aqua

The primary advantage of using gtk murrina aqua is the ability to customize your FreeBSD graphical interface. Using this port allows you to design and implement various themes to meet your specific aesthetic and personal preferences.

By enhancing the visual interface and interaction, gtk murrina aqua fundamentally improves the user experience. A pleasant and attractive interface can greatly impact your work efficiency and overall user experience.

Additionally, it’s noteworthy to mention that the gtk murrina aqua is an open-source software. This implies that you can customize it to your specific requirements. It also demonstrates FreeBSD’s commitment to providing versatile and adaptable solutions to its users.

More on FreeBSD Ports

The FreeBSD Ports Collection is a robust software management system allowing easy installation and management of software on the FreeBSD operating system.

FreeBSD provides several other useful ports, as well. For instance, [nmap]https//, a powerful and flexible network scanning tool, is featured under the security category in the FreeBSD Ports Collection. It can be used in combination with gtk murrina aqua to provide a more secure and visually pleasing experience.


In sum, gtk murrina aqua provides an excellent way to customize and improve the aesthetics of your FreeBSD graphical interface. It’s easy to install, use, and adapt to your specific preferences. With such a tool, interacting with your FreeBSD system becomes more pleasing, efficient, and fruitful. It’s a must-try for everyone, from beginners to experienced FreeBSD users. With open-source software like this, you’ll always find something that suits your unique needs and preferences.

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