May 26, 2018

Network performance tool to model and replay of networking patterns

Unified Performance Tool or uperf for short is a network performance tool that supports modelling and replay of various networking patterns. It represents a new kind of benchmarking tool like filebench where instead of running a fixed benchmark or workload, a description or model of the workload is provided and the tool generates the load according to the model. By distilling the benchmark or workload into a model, you can now do various things like change the scale of the workload, change different parameters, change protocols, etc and analyse the effect of these changes on your model.

Some of the questions you could answer using uperf are

  • Bandwidth and latency unidirectional and bi-directional with different protocols like TCP, UDP, SCTP, SSL
  • Connection setup and teardown scalability for different protocols
  • Effect of noise on ongoing network connections
  • Does it matter if I use processes instead of threads to do network communication?
  • What is the L2 cache miss rate for connection setup?
  • Is sendfilev3EXT with one file equivalent to sendfilev3EXT?
  • Understand TCP, UDP, SCTP, SSL performance under a variety of conditions
  • Test various TCP Congestion control algorithms

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