May 26, 2018

Building point for Verilog support in the Perl language

The Verilog-Perl library is a building point for Verilog support in the Perl language. It includes

  • VerilogGetopt which parses command line options similar to C++ and VCS.
  • VerilogLanguage which knows the language keywords and parses numbers.
  • VerilogNetlist which builds netlists out of Verilog files. This allows easy scripts to determine things such as the hierarchy of modules.
  • VerilogParser invokes callbacks for language tokens.
  • VerilogPreproc preprocesses the language, and allows reading post-processed files right from Perl without temporary files.
  • vpassert inserts PLIish warnings and assertions for any simulator.
  • vppreproc preprocesses the complete Verilog 2001 and SystemVerilog language.
  • vrename renames and cross-references Verilog symbols. Vrename creates Verilog cross references and makes it easy to rename signal and module names across multiple files. Vrename uses a simple and efficient three step process. First, you run vrename to create a list of signals in the design. You then edit this list, changing as many symbols as you wish. Vrename is then run a second time to apply the changes.

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