May 26, 2018

Create and drop tables, primary indexes, and sequences

DBIxAdminCreateTable is a pure Perl module.

Database vendors supported MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, SQLite.


  • Every table has a primary key
  • The primary key is a unique, non-null, integer
  • The primary key is a single column
  • The primary key column is called ‘id’
  • If a primary key has a corresponding auto-created index, the index is called ‘t_pkey’ This is true for Postgres, where declaring a column as a primary key automatically results in the creation of an associated index for that column. The index is named after the table, not after the column.
  • If a table ‘t’ with primary key ‘id’ has an associated sequence, the sequence is called ‘t_id_seq’ This is true for both Oracle and Postgres, which use sequences to populate primary key columns. The sequences are named after both the table and the column.

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