May 26, 2018

Manage a file of DSNs, for both testing and production

DBIxAdminDSNManager manages a file of DSNs, for both testing and production.

The INI-style format was selected, rather than, say, using an SQLite database, so that casual users could edit the file without needing to know SQL and without having to install the command line program sqlite3.

Each DSN is normally for something requiring manual preparation, such as creating the database named in the DSN.

In the case of SQLite, etc, where manual intervention is not required, you can still put the DSN in dsn.ini.

One major use of this module is to avoid environment variable overload, since it is common to test Perl modules by setting the env vars $DBI_DSN, $DBI_USER and $DBI_PASS.

But then the problem becomes What do you do when you want to run tests against a set of databases servers? Some modules define sets of env vars, one set per database server, with awkward and hard-to-guess names. This is messy and obscure.

DBIxAdminDSNManager is a solution to this problem.

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