May 26, 2018

Full-screen curses based spread sheet program

This is teapot Table Editor And Planner, Or Teapot, a new spread sheet program for UNIX.

The current release has the following features

o curses based user interface with easy to understand menues o portable sheet file format uses XDR or ASCII format o tbl, LaTeX, HTML, CSV or formatted text files can be generated and simple SC and WK1 sheets can be imported o typed expression evaluator with the types int, float, string, error, pointer to cell and empty o iterative expressions o powerful cell addressing o three-dimensional sheets o new expression evaluator functions can be added very easy o English, Dutch or German builtin messages or X/OPEN message catalogues o a user guide, available as pdf and html o It is still a small and simple program!

NOTE the GUI interface is not yet supported on FreeBSD

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