May 26, 2018

Malware Prevention through Domain Blocking

Malware Prevention through Domain Blocking Black Hole

dns2blackhole is a set of Bourne Shell csh scripts that fetch host files from public host file providers that contain the FQDN [ Fully Qualified Domain Names ] of sites that fall into the following categories, adware, malware, exploit, hijackers, harvesters, tracking, phishing, fake news, fraud, spam, sex, porn, gambling, advertisements, misleading marketing, illegal pharmacy, warez/piracy and others. The output of the dns2blackhole scripts is fed directly into the ports/package versions of unbound, named, and dnsmask DNS servers to block those FQDN thus protecting user devices from being compromised or bothered seeing things of no interest. The base built-in version of unbound titled “local_unbound” can also be configured to work using the dns2blackhole method. This black hole method is another layer of protection that you can customize to your needs.

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