May 26, 2018

Dynamic IP Address Updater

dynip is a daemon that monitors your host system ISP assigned dynamic IP address. If it changes, dynip automatically updates the dynamic DNS IP address at your dynamic DNS hosting provider then posts an informational message to the host system log followed by sending an informational email to user root.

The dynip daemon and the daily script are very simple Bourne Shell type scripts containing self documenting embedded comments. They use the “fetch” command to issue the standard browser style URL format used by most dynamic DNS hosting providers for the purpose of actual updating the registered IP address with the new IP address. There are some small variations in the URL format depending on the dynamic DNS hosting provider being used.

Mandatory requirements. The host that is running dynip “MUST” be cabled directly to the ISP modem and be using the public routable dynamic IP address assigned by the ISP.

Includes templates for these dynamic DNS hosting providers and is simple to configure for other providers that use a variation of the URL format.

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