May 26, 2018

Standard C resolver library

The libbind functions have been separated from the BIND suite as of BIND 9.6.0. Originally from older versions of BIND, they have been continually maintained and improved but not installed by default with BIND 9. This standard resolver library contains the same historical functions and headers included with many Unix operating systems. In fact, most implementations are based on the same original code.

ISC’s libbind provides the standard resolver library, along with header files and documentation, for communicating with domain name servers, retrieving network host entries from /etc/hosts or via DNS, converting CIDR network addresses, performing Hesiod information lookups, retrieving network entries from /etc/networks, implementing TSIG transaction/request security of DNS messages, performing name-to-address and address-to-name translations, and utilizing /etc/resolv.conf for resolver configuration.

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