May 26, 2018

DNSSEC extensions to Net::DNS

The NetDSNSEC suite provides the resource records that are needed for DNSSEC RFC 4033, 4034 and 4035. In addition the DLV RR, a clone of the DS RR is supported RFC 4431

It also provides support for SIG0. That later is useful for dynamic updates using key-pairs.

RSA and DSA crypto routines are supported.

For details see NetDNSRRRRSIG, NetDNSRRDNSKEY, NetDNSRRNSEC, NetDNSRRDS, NetDNSRRDLV, and see NetDNSRRSIG and NetDNSRRKEY for the use with SIG0.

NetDNS contains all needed hooks to load the NetDNSSEC extensions when they are available.

See NetDNS for general help.

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