May 26, 2018

Fork of the well-known GtkRadiant 1.5 FPS games map editor

NetRadiant is a fork of the well-known map editor for Quake 3 based games, GtkRadiant 1.5. The focus is put on stabilizing and bugfixing the included map compiler, q3map2, so it can become a reliable tool for map authors.

Fixes include

  • Better decompiling by q3map2 texcoords no longer get lost
  • Fixed 3D display in the Windows XP software renderer
  • Fixed deluxemapping when a surface is lit from both sides
  • Fixed some buffer overruns
  • Fixed the “expand selection to whole entities” feature
  • Fixed the origin of mirrored eclassmodel entities
  • Key bindings no longer disappear when using an international keyboard layout
  • Plane snapping fixed no more fall-through holes in imported model terrain
  • Various other map compiler fixes

Original, classic GtkRadiant 1.5 is available as `games/gtkradiant’ port.

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