May 26, 2018


Netrek is a multiplayer up to 16 players network space battle/conquest game, with a Star Trek theme. Players can command one of several ship types Federation/Romulan/Klingon/Orion and can band up in teams. The object of the game is, basically, to control the Universe, by capturing enemy planets, killing the enemy, etc.

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NOTE This is the “BRMH” client. It is optimized for speed, and so is well suited to you if you have a slowish system. However, you don’t get any of the fancy extras, like colors, sound, etc.

NOTE 2 This client is distributed in binary form, because it is a “Blessed” client, meaning that it has been approved by the “Gods of Netrek” and has had an RSA key embedded in it. You can, of course, compile your own client if you wish, but keep in mind that, if you do so, your client will be “Un-Blessed” and will probably be kicked out of the official servers. This is to prevent some unscrupulous player from hacking his/her client to give him/her superhuman powers “cyborgs”, or “borgs”.