May 26, 2018

Tank game for 2 players

SchwarzWeiss is german and means “black/white”. This game was created 2010 during a 48-hour-game-creating contest at Viennas Metalab computer lab. The theme was “black and white” or was it “grid”? and only public available resources were allowed. Lucky for me, that included ThePythonGameBook. In effect I worked around 3 hours in the evening and around 4 hours in the next morning. After that I lost interest and presented the game to the other participants in the Metalab to make use of the weekend for non-computer related activities. While I’m proud to report that I was the first participant to present a “playable” game way before the deadline I’m less proud to report the results of test-playing against the other coders. It turned out that while my game is playable, it is simply boring and not much fun. Also I got beaten in my own game by people who never played the game before.

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