May 26, 2018

Collection of command line video editing utilities

blind uses a raw video format with a simple container. A file begins with an plain-text line, containing the number of frames, the width, the height, and the pixel format, all separated by a single regular blank space, without and leading or tailing white space. After this line, which ends with an LF, there is a NUL-byte followed by the 4 characters “uivf” unportable, interim video format. This head is followed by the video frame-by-frame with row-major frames. Pixels are independently encoded, and are encoded unscaled CIE XYZ with non-premultiplied alpha and without any transfer-function, with values stored in native doubles or optionally in native floats. These two configurations are the only options, but the container format is designed so this can be changed arbitrarily in the future.

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