May 26, 2018

Command line tool to make a copy from a Video DVD

dvdrip is a Command Line Tool to make a copy from a Video DVD for private Use. It automates the process of Ripping, Authoring, Preview and Burning of a DVD.


  • Automatic Selection of the longest Title
  • Automatic Calculation of Factor to Requant
  • Automatic Read of Volume-ID
  • Automatic Chapter Separation from Original
  • Ripping of Audiotracks in every Language
  • Selection of dts-Audiotracks as Default
  • Selection of two Subpicture-Tracks possible
  • Ripping and Re-Authoring
  • Preview of VOB-Files with mplayer or xine
  • Burning with growisofs or cdrecord-prodvd
  • All Program Parameters could be stored in a Config File as Program Defaults
  • All Paramaters can be overwritten on the fly at the Command Line
  • Program with english, french or german Messages
  • Rip of Subpicture-Tracks
  • Copy DVD < 4.7 GB with Menus; > 4.7 GB with vamps, without Menus.
  • Partial Copy Copy selected Titles from a DVD dvdunauthor/vamps
  • High Quality Backup 1 DVD9 => 2 DVD5
  • DVD with Menus for Title-, Audio- and Chapter Selection dvdwizard

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