May 26, 2018

UCB’s MPEG-I video stream encoder

From the README

              MPEG-1 Video Software Encoder
             Version 1.5; February 1, 1995

  Lawrence A. Rowe, Kevin Gong, Eugene Hung, Ketan Patel, Steve Smoot
    and Dan Wallach
 Computer Science Division-EECS, Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley

This directory contains the freely distributed Berkeley MPEG-1 Video Encoder. The encoder implements the standard described in the ISO/IEC International Standard 11172-2. The code has been compiled and tested on the following platforms

DECstation 5000 and Alpha HP PA-RISC HP/UX 9.X i.e., HP 9000/7XX and 9000/3XX SGI Indigo running IRIX 5.0.1 Sun Sparc SunOS 4.X

This is not bug-free software. In particular, I’ve had problems using odd-sized input frames. Other than that, it works OK.