May 26, 2018

Utilities to merge PPM files into animated FLI and backwards

PPM2FLI can read directly PPM,PGM,PBM and FBM files. If necessary it performs a quantization. The filters of the NETPBM, PBMPLUS and FBM package can be used as read filters. Together with one of this packages a large number of image formats can be handled.

UNFLICK writes images in PPM or FBM format.

In contrast to FBM2FLI no additional package is required to build PPM2FLI and UNFLICK. So it can be used without any of the above mentioned packages, if another source of PPM,PGM,PBM or FBM images is available. For example, PS images can be animated using ghostscript.

The current version is call `beta’ because some parts are relative new and not totally tested. I made tests on SUN sparc-stations various versions of SUN-OS, on PC running LINUX and under MSDOS using the DJGPP DOS-extender. In all cases the GCC compiler was used. Under MSDOS I used a modified makefile. Anyway, in some environments changes in the makefile are necessary.

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