May 26, 2018

GNU VCDImager/VCDRip – The GNU VideoCD Image Maker/Ripping Tool

GNU VCDImager is a full-featured mastering suite for authoring, disassembling and analyzing Video CD’s and Super Video CD’s. The core functionality consists of directly making Video CD BIN/CUE-style CD images from mpeg files.


  • Free software available under the GNU Public License
  • Support for Video CD 1.1 and 2.0 disc formats
  • Support for the Super Video CD 1.0 disc format
  • Full PBC playback control support
  • Support for segment play items
  • Automatic padding of MPEG streams on the fly
  • Support for 99-minute out-of-specification CD-R media
  • Extraction of Video CD’s into files incl. the PBC information
  • Use of XML for the description of Video CD’s

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