May 26, 2018

Perl script to download and decode binaries posted to Usenet

ubh - the Usenet Binary Harvester - is a GPL’ed Perl console application which automatically discovers, downloads, and decodes single-part and multi-part Usenet binaries. Automatically assembles multi-part binaries. Provides searching via Perl regular expression syntax. Also provides a pre-selection capability whereby the user can interactively choose which binaries to download. Uses a standard .newsrc file to control which groups and articles to process. Runs anywhere Perl runs. Tested under Unix-based Perl, Active Perl on Win32 platforms, and Mac OS X. Requires NetNNTP and NewsNewsrc which itself requires SetIntSpan, MIMEParser, MIMEBase64, IOStringy, and MailTools distribution.

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[ This port is maintained by John Holland ]