May 26, 2018

Free (GPL) encoder and decoder for the yEnc Usenet file format

yencode is an encoder/decoder package for the Usenet yEnc encoding format.

The source code is freely available under the GNU General Public License and should work on most modern Unix-like operating systems.


  • Full internationalization multilingual support provided by GNU gettext.
  • Encoder can output single part or multipart encoded archives of any size.
  • Smart decoder can handle multiple files, including files specified out of order or with nonsense file names.
  • Included Usenet posting software posts files to Usenet quickly and easily, including automatic creation of encoded multipart archives and SFV/CRC checksum files, if desired.
  • Optional scan mode automatically locate and decode single or multipart encoded archives in specified directories or recursively.
  • Supports SFV file creation for multiple-file archives.
  • Fully compliant with the current yEnc specifications.

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