May 26, 2018

Shell and scripting language for mission-critical, scalable projects

SPARforte is an open source programming language for high-integrity tasks, efficient development over the project lifecycle and assuming best practices.

Language characteristics

  • Paradigm imperative/ procedural, scripting, shell, limited reflexive
  • Typing Disciplines strong typing, type safety, nominative static with optional limited weak and duck typing
  • Appeared 2001 Ken O. Burtch
  • Source Code GCC Ada, GCC C, Bourne-Again Shell, GCC Make
  • Influenced by Ada 95, Bourne Shell, SQL, and minorly BASIC, PHP, Python
  • Usual File Extensions .sp, .bush

The computer language that the SparForte shell understands is called AdaScript. Unlike JavaScript, which has no relation to Java, AdaScript is a small subset of the Ada programming language, with additional features related to shell commands and databases.

AdaScript is intended to be “upward compatible” with Ada. AdaScript scripts should run with little difficulty under Ada, but Ada programs may require large changes run under SparForte.

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