May 26, 2018

Implementation of the UNIX 7th Edition shell

The original Steve R. Bourne shell from the 7th edition Unix including System III, 4.3BSD-Reno, Ultrix 3.1 and ``home made’’ fixes and enhancements

  • --' end of options added sysIII. set +x’ and such added sysIII. /etc/bsh_profile' sysIII and $HOME/.bsh_profile’ unsw are sourced at login time if they exist. Initially, only the .profile' located in the current directory was sourced at login time if it exists. They have been bsh_’ prefixed to avoid conflicts w/ the standards profiles' which can contains unsupported expressions such as shell functions. negation ! or ^ in []’ added sysIII. $x-x' and similar expressions added sysIII. '<<-' aka strip leading tab in here document added sysIII. #’ comments are allowed in shell scripts sysIII/reno, but not on the command line reno ! break N' and continue N’ fixed sysIII/ultrix. if... then... [elif... [else...]] fi' fixed reno. test’ sysIII and `ulimit’ ultrix builtins added.
  • ANSI-fication to permit an almost warning free compilation home made. `union trenod’ taken from 4.3BSD-Reno. better signal handling and error recovery sysIII/reno. better restricted shell sysIII and IFS protection reno.
  • functions aren’t supported and command line input is not 8 bit clean.

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