May 26, 2018


chyves is a bhyve front-end manager. chyves manages type-2 virtualized guests by utilizing hardware virtualization on a base FreeBSD 10.3+ installation. On a base install, only FreeBSD guests can run. However, with the installation of sysutils/grub2-bhyve and sysutils/bhyve-firmware from ports or pkg, most other OSes can run as a guest, including Windows. See DEPENDENCIES section in the man page for more information.

chyves is targeted for beginners as well as power users. Beginners should find chyves relatively easy to use with lots of documentation and demonstrations. While power users should find utility with features such as true ZFS clones, PCI passthrough, rapid execution against many guests, disk images, and snapshot reverted states on boot/reboot to name a few of the advanced features.

The name ‘chyves’ is the pluralized, big endian alphabetic increment of bhyve. ‘chyves’ is pronounced like ‘chives’, part of the Allium genus. The onion is also in the Allium genus.

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