May 26, 2018

Collection of standard Unix utilities

The Heirloom Toolchest is a collection of standard Unix utilities. Highlights are

  • Derived from original Unix material released as open source by Caldera
  • Up to four versions of each utility corresponding to SVID3/SVR4, SVID4/SVR4.2MP, POSIX.2/SUSV2, and 4BSD SVR4 /usr/ucb
  • Support for lines of arbitrary length and in many cases binary input data
  • Support for multibyte character sets, especially UTF-8
  • More than 100 individual utilities including bc, cpio, diff, ed, file, find, grep, man, nawk, oawk, pax, ps, sed, sort, spell, and tar
  • The cpio utility can read and write zip files, GNU tar files, and the cpio formats of Cray UNICOS, SGI IRIX -K, SCO UnixWare -c and Tru64 UNIX -e. It is also available with the pax interface
  • Extensive documentation including a manual page for any utility
  • Runs on Linux, Solaris, Open UNIX, and FreeBSD

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