May 26, 2018

Tools for IP based Geo-blocking and Geo-routing

Tools for generating IP based Geo-block-ing and Geo-routing tables in order to configure the system’s firewall and/or routing facilities

In general, routing is determined by destination IP addresses, and access control by the firewall is established by selectors that can be attrib- uted to incoming and outgoing IP packets, like physical interfaces on which the packets are going, source and target IP addresses, protocol types, port numbers, content types and content, etc. The Geo-location would be just another selector, but this information is not carried explicitly with IP packets, however, it can be obtained using an IP address as a key for looking-up the location in an IP database.

Online databases do exist, but these are usually limited to single queries and in addition the look-up in an online database is by far too slow for even thinking about being utilized at the firewall level, where IP packets need to be processed in a microsecond time scale. Therefore, a locally maintained Geo-location database is indispensable in the given respect. The System’s own routing and filtering tables can be configured to do these tasks if there is a source of the appropriate data. The ipdbtools1 are designed to provide this data and to assist managing and using it.

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