May 26, 2018

Libretto BIOS Setting Program

libretto-config - Libretto BIOS Setting Program

The `libretto-config’ is a utility program to configure the BIOS setting of the mini notebook computer, Toshiba Libretto. Changes to the setting are immediately done, so rebooting is not necessary. I don’t know whether these programs work on any other machines but Libretto. In case of Toshiba’s notebook machines, some function may work.

* Disclaimer ******************* The information used to write these programs was obtained by analyzing Libretto individually, not provided by Toshiba. Therefore, they might contain fatal bugs and might cause damages to your Libretto. You can use them freely but the authors are not responsible for the programs. Redistribution of the programs are not restricted, but you must attach this caution and the source. ************************

The original program were written by Mr. Iizuka, which rewrite the CMOS setting directly. Mr. Nomura have extended the program to support SMI and BIOS calling. Thanks. I, Ishioka, combined programs to the package. If you have any troubles, bug reports, or requests, please notify me.