May 26, 2018

Tool Set to create custom FreeBSD LiveCD

The FreeBSD LiveCD Tool Set main goal is allowing one to generate custom FreeBSD Live CDs. FreeBSD LiveCD was born as a Brazilian FreeBSD User Group project. The objective was to create a tool that would allow us a safe diagnostic method under emergency enviroments and specially as a rescue disk where FreeBSD partitions could only be accessed mounted externally. What is LiveCD? Its such a simple answer, it is nothing but a set of patches applied to the FreeBSD Initialization files allowing the system to run from a CDROM, setting the best way to either mount under Memory File System MFS or Virtual Nodes vnodes those filesystems that need Write and Read access. Slices that just need Read access are still run from the CD. Can I use it to install FreeBSD? Yes, with recent revision 1.2, it can install a FreeBSD system without any other disks. It also support batch operation mode for automated installation processes. Is LiveCD any different from an ordinarily installed FreeBSD system? It is a completely functional FreeBSD system just like any ordinarily installed one. You will be able to both run any applications and mount any filesystems as any FreeBSD system would allow you.

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Edson Brandi