May 26, 2018

Parse ASCII logfiles into ANSI, CSV, HTML formats

Logtool is a command line program that will parse ASCII logfiles into a more palatable format. It will take anything resembling a standard syslog file this includes syslog-ng, multilog, and probably most of the other variantse, and crunch it into one of the following formats for your viewing pleasure

  • ANSI colorized for easy “at a glance” viewing
  • ASCII for e-mail’ed reports, and term’s that don’t support color
  • CSV for importing into your favorite spreadsheet/database
  • HTML for generating web pages
  • RAW for no good reason

It can be configured to parse the data any one of several ways, including suppressing duplicate messages, stripping the host, and/or program fields, and modifying the time display format supports TAI64 timestamps produced by DJB’s multilog of the log entries.

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