May 26, 2018

SNMP based command line network printer management tool

An SNMP based command line network printer management tool.

Modern network printers are quite easily managable across a network. However, until now, the only tools that make use of these capabilities are the vendor supplied products such as Web JetAdmin by HP, Marknet by Lexmark, Centreview by Xerox or PhaserLink by Tektronix. The problem is that all of these tools are fundamentally GUI based applications and there is no way to incorporate their functionality into scripts. This program is designed to be called from scripts to find things out about printers.

Information you can gather about printers with npadmin Model and vendor, Location and contact information, Network configuration, Memory and disk usage, Max and min papersize, Engine speed, Duplexer installed, Printer status, Printer languages, Marker technology, Page count, Minimum margins, Size, capacity and level of paper trays, Toner levels, Alert conditions, Resolution, Display information, Cover pages on/off.

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