May 26, 2018

PEAR class for multilingual applications management

This class provides an easy way to retrieve all the strings for a multilingual site from a data source i.e. db. The following containers are provided, more will follow

  • gettext
  • XML
  • PEARDB_DataObject experimental It is designed to reduce the number of queries to the db, caching the results when possible. An Admin class is provided to easily manage translations add/remove a language, add/remove a string.

Currently, the following decorators are provided

  • CacheLiteFunction for file-based caching
  • CacheMemory for memory-based caching
  • DefaultText to replace empty strings with their keys
  • Iconv to switch from/to different encodings
  • Lang resort to fallback languages for empty strings
  • SpecialChars replace html entities with their hex codes
  • UTF-8 to convert UTF-8 strings to ISO-8859-1

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